A Letter from Lane

Earlier this year, our staff was interviewed and photographed by Vogue for a piece focusing on the women who were working to keep the city’s heartbeat thumping along during the onset of Covid.

Our staff responded to questioning with the sort of unbridled enthusiasm and optimism you may be familiar with if you’ve ever found yourself on one of our check-out lines.

Because of this, (we suspect), EVO was almost completely left out of the article.

One of our cashiers, Lane, was mentioned in passing, but she didn’t feel she was given the opportunity to get her entire point across. So she penned this post for her personal social media, and gave us permission to share it with you all here.

One day a week I work at a little market called East Village Organic and I absolutely love it. On a normal Saturday, if you came in you’d find the shelves stocked, neighbors catching up in an aisle, our regulars asking for a sample of our homemade soup, and Ali (the owner) pumping out juices and smoothies for people and greeting them with a big “Hey so and so, what’s up?”

But my shifts lately have been kind of crazy.

The store is the busiest it’s ever been: there is a line out at the door of people waiting to come inside, we have the floor marked so people stand 6 ft apart, the staff and customers are wearing gloves, and every half hour I have to stop what I’m doing to wipe down all the counters.

This past Saturday, I had just finished my shift and a journalist from Vogue asked if he could take my picture and interview me. He explained he was highlighting female grocery store workers who are continuing to work during this pandemic.

I feel grateful to have been included but even more proud to stand alongside the other women he highlighted in the article. For a lot of them, this job is not as flexible as it is for me. This likely is their 9-5 and a means of providing for themselves and their family.

For me, it’s a lovely way to connect with the community that I live in and puts a little extra money in my pocket. And while, COVID-19 is taking a toll on New York City, the amount of gratitude I have experienced is overwhelming.

Customers thanking me, buying me chocolate…it has all been so heartwarming. But today, I’d like to thank the ladies who shared their stories and continue to work during this time even with no clear end in sight. I am humbled to stand alongside you.

And to all of you shoppers out there: a friendly reminder, to appreciate those that we take for granted on a regular basis. Not for me, but for people like them. When this is all said and done, don’t forget to look at their name tag, thank them, and remember how crucial they were in times like these.